Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Bit Abstract

Studying about art in high school and college, I didn't like (read "didn't understand") abstract art. Maybe I feared it because I didn't get it. Therefore I said that I just didn't like it or it wasn't "my style." Now, I'm not going to try to explain abstract paintings here in this short post...don't know that I could. But I do want to help encourage an open mind to a different way of viewing this type of painting.

Out of nowhere it seems lately I have been drawn to abstract paintings. I notice them when I come across those pages on Etsy. I notice them when we're out and about, when they're hung in restaurants and stores. The more I've seen them, the more it's made me want to just try it. What I think I've been drawn to is the mood they evoke. Is it dreamy? Happy? Somber? I like trying to squint to see if I can find a tree or a building or a face in what was painted. I love it when I can really find a painting so interesting that it's hard to look away.

So why not jump in? What I decided to do recently was just go with a couple of the colors that had been of interest to me. My first try was in black, brown, and a touch of gold. A big step from my bright florals and my baby animals. At first this cityscape was only splashes of gray and tan. I told my dad it was a cityscape. Honest man that he is, he mentioned that he liked the colors but couldn't see "city." I added more definite shapes to my wanna-be buildings and for fun, I added some gold paint to the sky. (I LOVE gold watercolor paint, by the way! I just wish the scanner could pick it up better. :)

Well, a simple post on Facebook showed me that there are others out there who also appreciate the abstract style! What an encouragement to keep trying it!

For Fall, I painted a pumpkin. I love pumpkins, don't get me wrong. But looking forward to seeing real Fall colors when we visit family in Virgina next month, this is what I picture. Maybe I need a new one with a few mountains added though. ;)

Someone at church on Sunday told me that my abstracts are "throwing him for a loop." :) I like that. I don't want to be a one-trick pony. Keep 'em guessing, right? What next? I'm thinking a winter scene. Keep posted.