Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Christmas Time Every Summer

At my last full time job as a graphic designer, I had the privilege of designing a company Christmas card every year. The best part was that my boss liked my watercolors and often encouraged me to do a new painting for the card. They planned ahead so much in their printing that I was usually working on new cards in July and August.

I left that job when I got married and moved to the Dallas area 4 and half years ago. But after 10 years of painting a Christmas scene almost every summer, I felt the need to continue the tradition on my own. The past few years though, I've painted more than one a year.

This past summer was no different. I added 2 new paintings to my Christmas collection. A cardinal in holly leaves and a snowflake.


Now if only I could get my personal cards done so early instead of waiting until the first week of December to get them ready! :)