Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Book Cover Illustrating

Recently I had the privilege of designing a book cover for the up-and-coming author, Christina Daley, for her new book Seranfyll. The style is quite a bit different than my normal watercolors, but it was a fun challenge.

Here's a brief synopsis of the book:

For the first time in her life, Rain has a choice to make. The thirteen-year-old slave girl lives in the country of Yoan, where slaves aren't allowed proper names, let alone anything else. After being sold by a gambler and bought by a thief, she's freed by an eccentric young noble, about whom many rumors abound. Some say his manor is haunted, his horse can fly, and that he's actually a devil. Now that she's free, Rain must decide what she will do with that new freedom. Her choices will lead her to new friends and unexpected adventures about choices, consequences, and what it really means to be free. (Ages 10+) Available in ebook and print formats on Visit for more information.

I love the challenge of the different. I'm excited too as I just learned I'll be illustrating her next book cover which will come out soon! I'll make sure to keep you posted. Or you can just follow her blog (posted above) and you'll find out as soon as it's ready.


  1. Susan,
    That is a beautiful cover. I love white against that blue.
    The story line sounds intriguing too.

  2. How exciting to have your work on a published book! Congratulations!

  3. Wow! That's a neat thing to be a part of!

  4. Beautiful cover, and the story sounds interesting about that girl named Rain, btw we have a great niece named Rain!!!!!